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The sun is setting on a beautiful day in Northwest Haiti.  It has been a whirlwind visit thus far.

Today I met with Marie Lourdes, a young woman who is sponsored and going to school through the help of the Mission.  She had just begun her first weeks of university classes in early January.  She was studying accounting in a university in Port au Prince.  Now she has returned to Port de Paix where she lives because there are no classes now after the earthquake.  She doesn’t know if her university will reopen or when.  I asked her why she is studying accounting and she said it is because the university didn’t offer the course she wanted to pursue.  She wants to become an airline stewardess or flight attendant!  Marie Lourdes asked for prayer that God would provide a way for her to accomplish her dream.  She has a twin sister, Marie Therese.  Their mother died many years ago and they now live with their father, who is unemployed.  They have eight other brothers and sisters.

I saw my friend Kenslen again today.  He is a young man in the local community in his mid-teens.  Kenslen is very studious and determined to work hard to study and accomplish his goals.  He speaks quite good English and always looks for the opportunity to practice.  I had met him almost two years ago at their local foreign language club.  It consists of twenty or thirty young students who want to improve their foreign language skills, so they will meet together and practice, interpreting from French, to Spanish, to English and back again.  Kenslen asks for prayer that he could accomplish his dreams – he wants to become either a doctor or a pastor.  He will graduate high school in two years and then search for how to continue his schooling.

Tomorrow I will begin travelling throughout the Northwest.  I will visit a school in La Fonte, then stay with our friends, Curtis and Danielle, who are missionaries in La Baie du Moustique.  After church on Sunday I will travel with a mission team to another campus in Beauchamp that is a couple of hours away.  The team will be doing VBS and groups with the teens.  They will also help me at the children’s home in Saline Mayette as we get updates and letters for all those kids, and just spend some time hanging out with them.

For tonight, a group is hosting a dinner/dance for the local teens.  As I sit up on the roof I can hear them testing the sound-system and carrying food and decorations back and forth – should be quite an event!  We also will spend our last evening with Pierre Garcon, the wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, who has been here working with us.  I still need to pack my bags and finish a few odds and ends before we travel tomorrow, so I will sign off now.

Bon nwit!  (Good Night)


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