Photos, garden, travel and life with a little white dog


Who am I?  Recent life changes have forced me to reevaluate the answer to that question.  I’m 26 and live in Central KY.  I love to garden, cook, and learn about the world.  I have a little white dog and a wonderful hubby who’s truly my best friend.  I speak Spanish and love people from other places and cultures.  I just read Lord of the Flies last week and love books, movies, songs that inspire good conversation (as that one did!)  I love my church (First Alliance Church).

I was a social worker with latino immigrants…then I was a high school Spanish teacher…now I’ve left that job (although I actually liked it a lot) to work at home for my husband, a professional photographer.

My yet to be printed business cards will say “Studio Manager.”  Sounds nifty, but reality is that I’ve always defined myself by my job and now I don’t even know how to explain my day.

So, God reminds me that I have to learn to see “ME” as more than a job description or resume.  And surprisingly, I think that means He releases me from one more box that I placed myself in and shows me opportunities I could have never imagined.  So, for the moment, I’m somewhat undefined – and trying to rest in my Father’s arms while there.


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